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Статьи о цветах

  • Behind the glass: flowers in transparent vessels, as a work of art
    Transparent vase-the best choice if you want to show all the beauty of flowers. And if you do not have a vase at hand, any vessel made of transparent glass will fit: even the simplest bouquets put in water and placed in such a container will look like a small masterpiece. A masterpiece of nature that has been ennobled and transformed by human hands.
  • Black rose
    Psychologists call black the color of mystery, artists-neutral color, designers-the color of elegance, but florists believe that black is always in place.
    Do you want to surprise your girl with an unusual gift? Give her a black rose.
  • Bouquet of tulips
      On spring holidays in our country it is customary to give various gifts, and bouquets of charming tulips are frequent guests in our homes. It would seem that there are no difficulties in the composition of tulips, but experienced florists know that this event is performed in compliance with certain rules. If the procedure is approached with full responsibility, we can achieve the best effect and significantly extend the life of cut plants put in a vase.
  • Recommendations for care of cut flowers
    So, you got a bouquet and want to enjoy its beauty as much as possible. Here are some simple tips to help keep flowers longer.
  • How to care for a bouquet of peonies?
    Bouquets of peonies are always bright and fragrant, so you want to keep them longer. This is quite simple to do, taking into account the following tips